Thank you for choosing us for your new amazing eyebrows! My Name is Kirstie McClure and I am the owner and brow artist here at The Beauty Lounge.

Listed is some important information you need to be aware of before your first appointment. Please make sure you read through everything.


We use two different methods of cosmetic tattooing:

Method 1: Microblading is used for hair strokes, this technique is done by hand with a small disposable tool which has tiny needles all in a row. This is used to lightly put hair stroke lines into the brows. Pigment is then pushed into these small strokes.

This is the most natural technique and can last anywhere between 6-12months depending on the skin. This method does not last as long as powder/Ombre. This treatment is also never completely even until after the perfection treatment 6 weeks later.

Method 2: Digital machine Powder/Ombre brows. We use a machine in this method to implant pigment into the skin. You will get a much fuller look with this method and it will last longer than microblading, usually 12-18 months.



You MUST start preparing for your treatment 7-10 days before hand for the best retention results. You have just invested a lot of money into your brows so please follow this exactly. Preparation and aftercare is 90% of your final results.

The following should be strictly avoided:

* Caffeine (decafe is fine)

* Aspirin and Ibuprofen

* Fish, krill and evening primrose oils

* Avoid spices that can thin you blood eg: cinnamon, turmeric

* Avoid exercise the day of the appointment

* No full sun exposure 7 days prior

* Restrict water consumption the day of the procedure


If for any reason you were unable to follow the pre-care instructions provided by us, we cannot guarantee the best healed results for your brows.

The first 10-15 days are the most crucial time of the healing process, please read through the following after care instructions to ensure that we can achieve the best results possible for you.

If you experience swelling, it will subside over the next 24-48 hours. If your brows weep a clear fluid, don’t be alarmed this is completely normal. Gently pat with a tissue to soak up any excess fluid.

If you still have flaking or scabbing after 10 days please continue to follow the aftercare instructions listed below until the flakes have completely lifted and your brows have healed.

What to expect after your appointment

The colour of your cosmetic tattoo will appear 2-3 times darker, thicker and more sharply defined immediately after the procedure, this is due to the excess ink and dead skin drying up in the area. The results may blur and look “blockish” during the healing period. Please do not panic, this is completely normal and apart of the healing process.

You will not see the true colour of your brows until almost 4 weeks possibly even 6 weeks after your skin has healed. During the healing process the tattoo may get patchy as each stroke will heal at a different pace. The area will start to scab and get very flakey and itchy (this is also normal).

Do not touch or itch the area as this will cause damage.

The colour of your cosmetic tattoo will begin to lighten and soften after 10-14 days from your initial appointment. Some of the area may disappear and reappear after a few weeks as the skin heals.


What to avoid during the healing process

 DO NOT Participate in any activities that may cause your body temperature to increase.

WHY: Your blood temperature can rise under your skin causing you to sweat, which can result in the pigment being pushed out of your skin. This will cause it to heal patchy and uneven, altering you final result.

DO NOT Wet your cosmetic tattoo.

WHY: It is extremely important to not wet (including hot steam) the tattoo and the surrounding area for 7-10 days, as this could be damaging to the bonding process that must take place for the pigment to become stabilized in the skin.

TIP: If you do not have a detachable shower head, please take a luke warm water bath. To wash your hair please seek a hairdresser, however DO NOT get a blow-wave, get it gently dried off and straightened if you wish.

DO NOT: Use make-up or skincare over the area during the healing process.

WHY: The use of make-up and skincare on or around your tattoo can cause infection and damage to your healed results.

TIP: Use either our Bare roots organic facial cleansing wipes or fragrance free baby wipes to clean your face and take off make-up. Do not wipe through the brow as we want them to remain dry, only around the brow. We suggest you avoid wearing make-up on your forehead for the best possible healed results.

DO NOT: Move/ wiggle your brows!

WHY: Imagine an ice cube tray. When you move the tray, the ice pops out. If you repetitively move your brows for relief, some pigment will be pushed out.

TIP: Gently tap around the area to soothe.

STRICTLY AVOID the following for the next 2 days after cosmetic tattooing.

WHY: This is very important as the following items all thin the blood and will affect the healing process. Alcohol, Caffeine (includes all caffeinated energy drinks and food products) Fish oil, any pain relief medication and vitamin E .

How and when to apply aftercare balm

Keep your tattoo protected with the aftercare balm provided to you on the day. Application of the balm is important to the final result of the procedure.

It is important to protect your tattoo with the aftercare balm until the flaking has completely healed. This stage varies for each individual but can take up to 2-3 weeks. Using half pea size press the balm gently on the area and lift your finger off the brow to avoid pulling the flakes off. Only apply a thin shiny film across the area.

How to make your tattoo last

PROTECT your tattoo with sun block 4 weeks after treatment and onwards. WHY: Sun exposure over time will cause the color of your tattoo to fade and change.

DO NOT apply ANY face makeup to your tattoo

WHY: Chemicals, glycolic acid and skin care with anti-ageing ingredients of any kind may interfere with the healing process and the colour of your tattoo. You may resume applying brow products as normal to complete and enhance your cosmetic tattoo once fully healed. Please keep in mind to use good quality brow filling products that will help maintain the longevity of your tattoo.



MAINTAIN THE SHAPE of your brows, we advise to get your brows shaped and possibly tinted every 6-8 weeks after they are fully healed.

WHY: Maintaining the shape of your brows and tinting the existing hair is important because it enhances the colour of your tattoo while keeping the precision in the shape. Failure to maintain your cosmetic tattoo can result in a distorted appearance.

How long will your cosmetic tattoo last?

This varies between every individual. Skin type, diet, genetics, lifestyle and environment factors all contribute to the retention of pigment.

As a guide, it could last anywhere between 6-12 months for microblading, 12-18 months for powder/Ombre before needing to refresh the colour.

It is important to remember that a semi permanent make-up is a “low” not a “no” maintenance treatment. We recommend you rebook your touch up when you leave.