Our focus? First-rate, confidential & hygienic beauty services from the heart of Wellington. The Beauty Lounge is a place you can pause, exhale and truly be looked after by trained, registered professionals.


  • Observ Diagnostic Skin Consultation $99

    Duration: 45 mins
    Want to dive beneath the surface of your skin? An Observ skin analysis can do just that! This powerful diagnostic machine enhances the visualization of the skin surface textures and allows us to look underneath your skin at what’s really going on. It takes 5 pictures in different lights and then even puts a 15 year prediction together for you.

    The skin's fine lines, pore size and wrinkle formations can be observed with high detail. It shows overall hydration levels, reveals pigmentation and sun damage that might not be visible to the naked eye. We look at sebaceous activity and oil levels as well as bacteria that contribute to breakouts and irritation. It provides us with a clear view of vascular disorders such as broken capillaries, rosacea, sensitivity and inflammation.

    This information and the ability to customise through our skin care allows us to create a unique treatment plan in even greater detail, to not only treat your skin now, but begin to take preventative measures for the future of your skin too.

    Purchase 4 or more skin care products, and we will wave the fee for your consultation.

  • TBL Skin WOF $65

    Duration: 30 mins
    Are you a current TBL skin client? It might be time for us to reassess your skin, track photos and adjust your formulations for your products.

    As the seasons change, so to do the conditions affecting our skin therefore we recommend booking in for a WOF seasonally. It's also a great way to see your skin's progress!

    The $65 is redeemable on 3 or more skin care products of the day.


    Just like our fingerprints, each skin is remarkably unique in its needs and so is our approach to treating it. With this in mind, we have simplified our facial menu, taking the onus off you to understand the complexities of facial techniques while ensuring your skin gets the specific love and care it seeks. You choose your treatment time while your skin specialist will asses your skin on the day and feed it the goodness it needs to glow. With this assessment, your skin therapist will decide what ingredients and treatment modality you need in order to achieve a ultimate health and radiance.

  • Treatment Facial $90

    Duration: 30 mins
    Indulge your tired skin with some quick and easy TLC. Whether your skin needs a gentle yet powerful exfoliation or a fusion of signature massage techniques, your skin expert will ensure you leave refreshed while your skin leaves healthy, supple and glowing.

  • Beauty Lounge Bespoke Facial $159

    Duration: 60 mins
    Experience the ultimate combination of science, relaxation and rejuvenation with this bespoke facial package. After a thorough assessment of your skin, your expert will design a facial tailored perfectly to suit your skin's needs, utilising the salon's first class range of products and signature massage techniques. With a full hour of attention and nourishment, your skin will never feel more grateful!

  • Dermaviduals

    Using Dermaviduals skin care, our facials are the perfect combination of science and nurturing. Using a carefully curated blend of ingredients we select customised actives, enzymes, intense masks and dreamy massage to create a facial just for you.

  • Enzyme Therapy

    A gentle yet powerful exfoliation that loosens and removes old redundant cells and conditions the skin without impairing the skin barrier. Results are smaller pores, even skin tone, softening, brightening and a prevention against comedones, milia and papules. This clears pathways for active absorption in the skin. Your expert will take one look at your skin and know if this needs to be a part of your facial treatment.

  • Ultraceuticals

    These well known and trusted cosmeceutical ingredients deliver real and visible results, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. These sophisticated treatments incorporate a customised Performance Mask and products from our corrective range to help address the appearance of most skin concerns.


  • Specialised Treatment Mask $36
  • LED Treatment 15min $40
  • Lower Leg + Foot Exfoliation & Massage 15min $45
  • New Biome Oxygen Facial $235

    Duration: 90 mins
    This customisable skin treatment works to support cellular oxygenation, and the skins microbiome (vital to keeping skin looking fresh and elastic as you age). Oxygen therapy is used to rebuild and strengthen the skins immunity, correct and maintain core skin health and key skin conditions.

    Treatments include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, oxygenating peel, facial massage using our rejuvenating gua sha LED facial device, and a Biome Oxygen mask with 1 of 4 customised activators applied with a fan brush providing full coverage for optimum lymphatic compression. The mask is left on for 45 minutes to fully dry and tighten for an effective lymphatic compression. While you relax you will be treated to a heavenly lower leg and foot ritual.

    Your therapist will help you choose from four treatments:

  • 1. Lift + Firm

    Formulated for skins concerned with laxity and lift by improving skin firmness and tightness. An oxygenating treatment to bring skin back to life with a microbiome focus to support skin immunity, making it the perfect choice for mature skins.

  • 1. Collagen Booster

    Designed to block the chemicals that trigger muscle contraction during facial expression, making it the perfect choice for all skins concerned with age management and age correction, fine lines and wrinkles.

  • 2. Clear Skin

    Created to specifically target breakout, blemishes and skins needing rebalancing, making it the perfect choice for acne and problematic skins.

  • 3. Bright SKin

    Inspired to support optimum skin brightness and even skin tone making it the perfect choice for pigmented, uneven, and dull skin tones.


    All Ultra Performance Facial Treatments are recommended in a series of 3 initially, with a minimum of 2 weeks in between.

  • Hydrate + Firm
    Lactic Peel Treatment

Duration: 45 mins 
Ideal for skin showing early signs of ageing including fine lines and wrinkles. Reward your skin in the most radiant way possible with the Lactic Peel – increase hydration and inspire a firmer, more supple looking skin.
By allowing your body to release the uppermost layer of your skin you will reduce the appearance of many skin problems and reveal the newer, fresher skin layers.

Suitable for normal and dry skin.

  • Mattify + Clear
    Mandelic Peel Treatment

Duration: 45 mins
Deeply cleanse and hydrate your skin with the luscious Mandelic Peel. This radiant treatment helps to effectively exfoliate the complexion – this not only leaves it looking and feeling smooth, clear and even, but promotes the growth of newer, healthy skin. Exfoliated skin is bright skin and mandelic acid works deeply and thoroughly to ensure your skin stays bright with continued use.

Suitable for oily, congested and problematic skin.

  • Radiate + Glow
    Brightening Accelerator Mask Treatment

Duration: 45 mins
The Brightening Accelerator Mask features a powerful blend of brightening agents to help refine your skin and restore clarity. Experience reduced hyper pigmentation, dark spots and blotchiness and instead embrace a luminous complexion. This treatment is ideal for skin showing signs of uneven surface discolouration or dull looking skin, lacking vitality.

Suitable for normal, dry and oily skin.

  • Rejuvenate + Revitalise
    Vitamin A Azyme Treatment

Duration: 45 mins
She’s the powerhouse of all our anti-ageing peels. This non-invasive treatment makes for quick results by infusing proven anti-ageing ingredients Retinol (Vitamin A) and Bromeliad together to help brighten and provide overall skin rejuvenation.

Counter the effects of ageing and UV damage; Diminish appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; Even skin tone and texture; Acne management


  • Collagen Induction Therapy / Dermal Needling

    Collagen Induction Therapy also known as dermal needling is scientifically proven to target the Fibroblast cells that lie in the deeper layers of your skin. These cells are responsible for producing collagen and elastin.

    Our Exceed medical grade Micro-Needling device has 6 surgical grade stainless steel single-use needles that gently glide over the skin creating controlled microscopic traumas/channels. While the concept of needling the skin sounds intense, the treatment is easily tolerated. The body responds naturally to this process, launching into repair mode, stimulating growth factors and resetting your cells to promote healthy, functioning, glowing skin.

    Unlike other ablative skin treatments like peels, lazer and microdermabrasion, needling allows our precious skin barrier to remain intact. This means less down time and faster results.

    A huge advantage with our Exceed needling device is its adjustable depth. This allows complete customisation of your treatment. Each area of your skin is a different thickness so with a maximum depth of 2mm we can treat acne scars and a shallow depth of 0.1mm we can treat lips and eyelids too.

  • Face + Neck $299

    Duration: 40 mins

  • Full Face, Neck + Dècolletage with Meso Glide Infusion $349

    Duration: 45 mins - Allow 1 hour
    Includes full face, eyelids, lips, neck, décolletage, hands and 5 points through scalp (natural face lift technique)

  • Face + Neck and Decollatage Deal of 3 $POA

By encouraging the formation of new collagen and elastin, your skins overall structure, function and appearance will be greatly improved. You can expect healthy, glowing skin from this rejuvenating treatment.

  • Skin rejuvenation, for dull, rough, tired skin to bring back your glow.
  • Restoring oxygen flow to dull skin
  • Minimise fine lines and wrinkle
  • Increase natural collagen formation
  • Reduce pore size and improve texture
  • Pigment reduction and dispersion
  • Reduces surgical and acne scarring
  • Normalising skin structure
  • Creating firmer, tighter skin
  • Diminishing stretch marks
  • Minimal downtown

Your skin will appear flushed immediately after treatment. An even amount of flushing is the best indication of a perfect medical grade treatment. The inflammatory reaction is relatively short and fades from red to pink within 12-24hours on average. In order to accelerate the recovery time we do recommend you purchase our Epi nouvelle cooling, healing, hydrating sheet mask.


LED light therapy is a non-invasive skin treatment that uses different wavelengths of light to provide various benefits to the skin. The most common colors used in LED light therapy are red, blue, and near-infrared light.

  • Single Session $65

    Duration: 30 mins
    LED light therapy works to treat various skin concerns such as acne, wrinkles, and inflammation. It is a gentle and painless treatment that typically requires multiple sessions to see significant results.

  • LED Course - Buy 9 & get 1 FREE $585

    Multiple LED light therapy sessions can provide a range of benefits for the skin due to the cumulative effects of consistent treatment. Here are some benefits of undergoing multiple LED light therapy sessions:

    1. Improved Collagen Production
    2. Reduction in Hyperpigmentation
    3. Enhanced Skin Healing
    4. Longer-Lasting Results
    5. Reduction in Acne and Breakouts
    6. Overall Skin Rejuvenation


Dermaplaning is a simple and safe, non-invasive form of manual exfoliation that encourages fresh, youthful skin.  Your skin is exposed daily to harsh environmental toxins, irritants, and sun damage. This can cause the top layer of your skin to appear dull, making you look aged. Dermaplaning gently removes those dead and damaged skin cells smoothing the skin’s texture and softening fine lines. It also removes vellus hair (peach Fuzz) making it a preferred alternative to facial waxing!

The added benefit? Products will penetrate further into the skin promoting that much desired softness and smoothness!

  • Dermaplaning $82

    Duration: 30 mins
    We nourish and breath life back in to your skin with a deep cleanse and dermaplaning session to remove dead cells, peach fuzz, and other debris that may be making your skin’s surface look uneven. We then apply hylaronic acid, a naturally occuring acid in our skin to keep it hydrated and plump. Nourishing oils, massaged in by one of our experts will leave your skin feeling revived and pillow soft.

  • Dermaplaning Facial Treatment $150

    Duration: 60 mins
    This is the queen of dermaplaning treatments. Completely reinvigorate your skin with a full, deep cleanse and thorough dermaplaning treatment but take it to the next level with the application of our Dermaviduals brightening enzyme. Re-emerge with soft, smooth skin as dead cells and peach fuzz is removed. We'll give your skin the attention it deserves with a super hydrating mask and incredibly relaxing massage while infusing your skin with our bespoke serums designed to give your skin that supple, full and radiant feeling.


Carbon laser facials also known as ‘The famous Hollywood Facial’ or ‘China Doll Facial’ is a non-ablative laser skin treatment that uses the conductive qualities of carbon to quickly and painlessly exfoliate, cleanse, clear and tighten pores, brighten and even-out skin tone and activate a deeply rejuvenating skin reaction that produces skin that is smooth, plump and radiant!

  • 45 mins $130

During the treatment, your esthetician will evenly apply a layer of liquid carbon to your face and allow it to dry. The carbon will absorb the dead skin on the upper layer of your skin, and the dirt deep inside of your pores. Now, your esthetician will pass a non-ablative laser across the surface of your skin. The laser energy will break the carbon, taking dead skin cells, contaminants as well as oil with it. Also, the laser energy will deliver heat into the deep layer of the skin to help shrink pores as well as trigger collagen production.

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne-prone skin
  • Enlarged and congested pores
  • Excessively oily skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Skin lesions & imperfections
  • Facial scars

You may not be an ideal candidate for Carbon Laser Facial if:

  • You have active skin infection
  • you are pregnant
  • you have a history of cold sores
  • you have open skin wounds
  • you have very dry & sensitive skin


Tattoos have become a large part of today’s culture with people choosing to ink their bodies for many reasons. The problem is, many people tend to outgrow their tattoos as they develop and move through different life stages or simply change their mind.

What seemed like a good idea at the time no longer resonates with your views or lifestyle. Thankfully tattoo removal is available to help remove these unwanted tattoos.


  • XS - S Tattoo Removal $120-$200 / TREATMENT

    The treatment is applicable to a tattoo sized between 2x2cm and 5x5cm.
    This will require approximately 4-12 treatments.

  • M - L Tattoo Removal $200-$300 / TREAMENT

    The treatment is applicable to a tattoo sized between 10x10cm and 15x15cm.
    This will require approximately 4-12 treatments.



    A test patch and consultation is required prior to completing this treatment. Please call us on 04 528 7710 to arrange yours.

We use Medical Grade Lasers to safely target your unwanted tattoo with ultra short pulses of amplified light.

These pulses of light are attracted to the pigment in your Tattoo which then breaks up and shatters the ink in your tattoo. These ink particles are then broken into tiny fragments which are engulfed by the bodies immune cells and eliminated through the bodies waste pathways. Ink particles are safely and naturally flushed out of your system causing the ink to disappear.

The ink particles are broken into tiny fragments which are engulfed by the bodies immune cells and eliminated through the bodies waste pathways. Ink particles are safely and naturally flushed out of your system causing the ink to disappear.


  • Sweedish

    Our calming Swedish inspired massages promote general wellness and healing. Reduce anxiety, relieve tight sore muscles and bring a general sense of calm to oneself.

  • Back, Neck + Shoulder 30min $70
  • Back, Neck, Shoulder & Scalp Massage 40min $80
  • Full Body 60min $100-$110
  • Pregnancy Massage 60min $120
  • Hot Stone Massage

    A combination of warm hands and hot Volcanic Basalt stones fuse together to make your aches and pains float away. Relax as the warm radiating stones effortlessly take care of your muscle tension. A blissful treat for anyone.

  • Full Body 60min $120
  • Therapeutic Scalp Massage $70

    Duration: 30 mins
    Warm nourishing oils are slowly drizzled into the scalp, neck and shoulders. Float away while we softly massage these tension areas restoring balance and energy. Great for people suffering with headaches and migraines.



  • Half Leg $45
  • Full Leg $65
  • Full Leg + Bikini $72
  • Brazilian $65
  • Underarms $30
  • Bikini $35
  • Half Arm $31
  • Full Arm $40
  • Lip or Chin $25
  • Lip + Chin $31
  • Lip, Chin + Sides $40
  • Back or Chest $47
  • Full Leg, Bikini Line + Underarm $95
  • Bikini Line + Underarm $55
  • Upper Leg + Brazilian $96


Electrolysis is the ideal hair removal treatment when IPL and laser are not a suitable option. It can be performed on light/grey hairs and on darker skins.

Using sterile, single use needles which are very fine and inserted gently into the follicle, this technique destroys the cells which cause hair growth.

A consultation is a pre-requisite and is complementary with your first booked appointment.



  • 15 Minutes $40
  • 30 Minutes $65
  • Skin tag removal $76


  • Eyelash Tint $35

    Relax and enjoy a hand and arm massage while your lash tint is processing.

  • Eyebrow Shape $32
  • Man Brow $32

    Duration: 15 mins
    Men need brow grooming too. Whether it be just your mono brow or a bit of shaping too. We are here to help you design the perfect brow.

  • Eyebrow Tint $28
  • Hybrid Stain Brow Tint $40
  • Eyebrow Shape & Tint $50
  • Hybrid Stain Brow Shape & Tint $58
  • Eye Trio $65

  • Hybrid Stain Eye Trio $68
  • Eyelash Lift & Tint $99

    Duration: 45 mins
    LVL lash lifting system is the best in the business. Lifting (curling) your natural lashes creates the appearance of added length, volume & lift without mascara or extensions. Our superior LVL lash lift formula is enhanced with collagen & oats to promote lash health & strength. Results last 6-8 weeks. Lay back and enjoy a relaxing hand & arm massage while your lashes are processing. For the best results please come with no mascara on.

  • Lash Lift & Tint + Eyebrow Tint & Shape $136

    Duration: 60 mins
    LVL Lash lifting system is the best in the business. Lifting (curling) your natural lashes creates the appearance of added length, volume & lift without mascara & extensions. Our superior LVL lash lift formula is enhanced with collagen & oats to promote lash health & strength. Results last 6-8 weeks. Brows are tinted & tidied on point. Perfect for that wake up with make-up look without the fuss.

  • Lash Lift & Tint + Hybrid Stain Brow Tint & Shape $147

    Duration: 60 mins
    LVL Lash lifting system is the best in the business. Lifting (curling) your natural lashes creates the appearance of added length, volume & lift without mascara & extensions. Our superior LVL lash lift formula is enhanced with collagen & oats to promote lash health & strength. Results last 6-8 weeks. Brows are tidied and tinted with our new Hybrid Stain brow tint giving you up to 10 days of stain on the skin and up to 6 weeks of colour on your brow hairs. Perfect for that wake up with make-up look without the fuss.

  • Add on Collagen Eye Treatment Pads to Lash Lifts $25
  • Brow Lamination $75
  • Brow Lamination, Shape + Tint $85
  • Brow Lamination, Lash lift, Lash Tint, Brow Tint + Shape $170


  • Full Body Spray Tan $60
  • Half Body Spray Tan $40
  • Buy five sessions, get one FREE $300

    Pay for five full body spray tans and get your sixth session free!


Turn back the clock with the power of anti-wrinkle injections, otherwise known as Botox or cosmetic injectables. This anti-ageing technique is renowned for its ability to elevate facial muscles and slow the effects of age on your skin. Gone are the days when anti-wrinkle injections gave you a fake, stiff appearance, where you could barely move your face. 

When administered correctly by a registered nurse, anti-wrinkle injections have the power to cosmetically reduce wrinkles for a natural, more youthful appearance!

2023 Available Dates:

November 6th

December 4th

Email us on the form below to request a booking or enquire about availability.


We believe in enhancing your brows naturally and subtly, giving you a well polished, defined look that suits your individual face shape and bone structure.

Cosmetic tattooing occurs at a shallower depth to traditional tattoos using specifically designed pigments. This allows for a natural look that will fade out as eyebrow trends change, hence needing an annual colour boost to refresh your look.

Each service begins with a consultation, where we discuss your expectations and the potential out comes. We work with you to create the ideal colour and shape for your face.

All brow treatments are a 2 step process around 4-6 weeks apart. Please be aware that you do need both treatments and you will need to book your second treatment when making your initial appointment.

The end result of your brows will depend on two different factors, pigment and healing. We all heal differently and what works for one client may not be effective on another. This is why your second treatment is so crucial and where all the magic happens.

Occasionally some clients will need a third treatment depending on skin and healing this is charged at $50.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Kirstie is currently NOT working over other therapist’s work. 

  • Microblading $599

    Duration: 2 hours
    Super fine ‘hair like’ strokes are tattooed into the skin behind existing brow hair to create density, definition and help fill in gaps for the perfect brow. Results typically need refreshing every 12 months. Not suitable for oily skin. This price includes perfection treatment 6 weeks later.

  • Powder / Ombré Brows $599

    Duration: 3 hours
    These techniques use a more traditional method of tattooing. Using a machine thousands of tiny dots of pigment are implanted into the skin, building up to a defined colour and shape. The process creates a more ‘makeup look’ and lasts longer than microblading. Ombre has a softer start and a more defined tail. Great for people with no brow hair, oily skin and wanting that more defined look. Results typically last around 2 years and most people will have a colour boost after 12 months.

  • Combination Brows $599

    Duration: 3 hours
    Combination brows combines hair strokes and powder fill to create a brow that is more filled than microblading alone and less dramatic than just powder/ombre. This technique is suitable for most people including oily skins. Results typically last 2 years and most people get a colour boost after 12 months.

All prices include your perfection treatment 4-6 weeks later. Once this second treatment is booked it cannot be moved or additional charges will occur. Occasionally a third treatment is required depending on skin and healing. This is charged at $50. Prices are set as of October 2020 and are subject to change.


12 month touch ups / colour boosts are recommended to keep your new brows looking prime and polished all year round.

  • 12 Month Colour Boost $300

    If a second appointment is required this will be charged out at $50

  • 18-24 Month Colour Boost $350

    If a second appointment is required this will be charged out at $50



  • Shellac Gel Manicure $65

    Duration: 40 mins

  • Shellac Gel Manicure Removal + Reapply $70

    Duration: 50 mins

  • Shellac Gel Removal $35

    Duration: 20 mins